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27 Jan 2019

I have heard from friends in the skin care business about the occasional client who balks at the price of a handcrafted product. I have yet to hear “wow, that’s kind of expensive!” from my own clients, but I do have a response ready, just in case.

 I am the sole maker at Star 9 Divine Beauty & Bath. I use the finest ingredients available, and source them from all over the world. Every product is made by hand in small batches to guarantee that every bar, bottle and jar is as fresh and organic as possible.

Natural, non-gmo, cruelty free, fair trade, sustainable & organic ingredients do cost just a little more, but it is my desire to use them. I refuse to purchase GMOs, or any brand that cannot pass an adulteration test.

WHY Handcrafted?
Ever wonder why your skin is so dry & tight? Are you forced to slather yourself in lotion after every shower or bath? This is purposeful, and designed by commercial sellers to force you to purchase more and more product. Glycerin (a highly effective and natural moisturizer), is created during the chemical process of making soap, but is removed and sold at a high profit to the companies that make the creams, lotion and other moisturizers. Many are subsidiaries of the company that made the bathing bars! See how that works?

There is a reason you won’t find the word ‘Soap’ on commercial packaging. This is because most store-bought bars are “Syndets” - Legally not even soap, they are instead moisture-stealing Synthetic Detergents.

When making soap by hand we use decadent amounts of organic oils and butters you will never, ever find in a large commercial brand, and we leave in all of the lovely glycerin. I was truly shocked the first time I used my own soap! I did not have to reach for the lotion, and my skin looked and felt truly amazing. Friends and family began to notice as my skin became more and more soft, supple and clear.

Why are Commercially-Sold Products so Cheap?

I’ve used the word “cheap” instead of “inexpensive” on purpose. Most commercial companies purchase non-organic, often adulterated ingredients by the truck or trainload. Their products are made in factories by huge machines that crank out millions of units every year. Products are formulated so that you think you are getting a lot at a great price… but what you’re really getting are synthetic fillers and foaming agents. The product may look, smell and feel great at first, but the effects on your skin can be very destructive. There is no human touch in those factories to infuse those products with soul and spirit.

Are there other reasons why a handcrafted product might cost just a bit more?

Picture the hundreds of hours of research and work that a handcrafter must put into creating artisanal bar soaps, spa bars, body washes, body butters, lotions, creams, scrubs, bath bombs, masks, beard and lip products, perfume oils, salves and more. Every new recipe is taken through 5 to 15 iterations over a period of 6-12 months before it is deemed just right. Every finished product is double- and triple-tested, batch after batch after batch. Along with the research and work, getting the details of running a small business right can take hours every day... and much of the income from sales will go right back into the business for up to 5 years!

There are no skin-destroying ingredients in Star 9 Divine handmade products, and everything possible is done to avoid synthetics. These careful choices do make handcrafted cost just a bit more, but it is definitely worth it! Every batch is carefully created to baby, pamper and support the largest organ of your body, and to provide you with a lovely, spirit-soothing, skin-loving bathing experience… and to me that is priceless.

Understand that no other work has ever made me as happy or as fulfilled, and when you buy one of my products, be assured that it was made with knowledge, practice, care, soul & spirit.   ~  Diana

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Want to carry high-end handcrafted skin care products in your Boutique or small business, but don’t have time to make the products yourself? Are you worried that your store is too small to afford a large wholesale account? Star 9 Divine will scale the size of your order to fit your needs. You can use our unique one-of-a-kind labels created at Star 9 Designs, or let us create something beautiful and unique to match your brand and Logo!

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