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STAR 9 DIVINE... What's in a Name?

28 Feb 2019

A client recently asked me, “Why did you name your business ‘Star 9 Divine’… does it have any meaning for you?

My first name – Diana – is derived from “Diviana” which comes from the Latin ‘divus’, meaning ‘Divine’ and ‘Forests’. I use Divine in my business name because I believe the nature of all life is Divine, and also to reflect something I am well known for – my intense love of plants.

I have been into physical, emotional & spiritual healing for much of my life, and I think it’s really cool that in the Persian Diana means “bringer or messenger of beneficence and wellness”.

The Latin ‘divus’ also means ‘Heavenly’… so the use of ‘Star’ reflects what I believe to be the heavenly nature of existence.

“9” is the number of Completion and Unity. Use of the 9-Pointed Star in my Logo indicates my belief that humankind has reached a level of spiritual maturity where true Unity will become our reality!

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