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Offers a Range of Authentic & True Artisanal Skin Care™ — A More Natural Alternative to Commercial Products.  Different... Real... Made with Intention.

Scentsational Beauty™ Soap, Spa Bars & Body Washes, Glycerin Beauty Bars, Whipped Body Butter, Solid Butter Bars, Lotions, Creams & Serums, Salves, Body Sprays & Scent Rollers, Bath Bombs, Salt, Sugar & Coffee Scrubs, Clay Masks for Face & Body, Beard Butters & Beard Oils, Lip Butter, Balm & Gloss, Room Sprays, Pet Shampoo Bars, & Pure Premium Essential Oils

The Genuine Article™ Line — A More Natural Experience

The Decadent Age™ Line — An Evocative & Sensory Experience

Mad Money Gift & Pamper™ Line — for the Young at Heart

Scandal Lip Munitions™ Line

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes, Speakeasy, The Rock, Dapper Dan, and The Real McCoy Collection

Bath Munitions — Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Bath Salts, Steamers & More

Brawn Bombshell™ Collection — for Men

Whole Loaf Soaps & Body Butter Bars — 10 bars made with one of our unique recipes. Choose a loaf of sliced bars, or pick one of our beautiful molds. See our listings for ideas, and visit Facebook to see more of our designs. Available from The Genuine Article™, The Decadent Age™ & Mad Money Gift & Pamper™

Build Your Own — Custom and Special Orders are welcome! You choose the ingredients. Let's talk about your desires! We offer many products for sensitive skin.


No Such Thing as an Accident

Star 9 Divine Beauty & Bath came about after a freak accident. Even after 2 years I could barely move, and things reached a point where I thought my life was over. One day I was searching online for a homemade pain salve recipe, and I came upon a Facebook group with photos of gorgeous soap. I was mesmerized! Six days later, January 5, 2014, I started purchasing supplies. As of 2018 I have made over 700 pounds of bar and liquid soaps, body butters, butter bars, scrubs, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, and more.

I really had searched for a creative outlet for my whole life. I tried different kinds of art, moving on usually because I would hit a ceiling in my skill level, or my health would not allow me to continue. I finally found my thing after I turned 50! I was formulating & making daily just to keep myself moving and active, and gave away many pounds of product during the first 3 years. My belief in what I was doing reached a peak when a friends began writing checks, and then a friend said she was collecting my label designs! Because of all that love & support, I decided to make Star 9 Divine a real business.

I definitely feel like the universe led me, and continues to guide me. I often wonder ... where would I be and what would I be doing if the accident had never happened?

Bringing You the Best of Everything I do extensive research on the ingredients for my products, having decided they should contain the very best of everything. I never do anything halfway! Every ingredient is used for its well-known and documented properties (although I do not make any claims of healing or curing). All ingredients are listed on my labels, and my customers do their research to learn how and why they will benefit from each one.

I try to infuse Music, Spirit & Love into everything I do... and I truly hope you love my creations as much as I love creating them for you! — D.

Our company is Eco-Friendly. We use organic, sustainable, fair-trade, cruelty free ingredient sources whenever possible. Our products do not contain GMO’s, Detergents, DEA, BPA, SLS, SLES, Hexane, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, or Phosphates.

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