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All Natural Vegan Body Wash, Hand Soap, Shower Gel | Essential Oil Scent (12 oz)

All Natural Vegan Body Wash, Hand Soap, Shower Gel | Essential Oil Scent (12 oz)
  • 12 oz body wash
  • star 9 divine body washes
  • citrus patchouli sugar scrub
  • 12 oz body wash
  • star 9 divine body washes
  • citrus patchouli sugar scrub

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Boheme All Natural Vegan Body Wash, Hand Soap & Shower Gel from The Genuine Article Hemp Bath Munitions™ Line
Scented in Dark Patchouli & Citrus Essential Oils!

Handcrafted in Small Batches, our Authentic & True Artisanal™ Formula is made with the Highest Quality Ingredients. Star 9 Divine Liquid Soap is always detergent free and will not dry out and damage your skin like many commercial products.


Featuring Non-GMO, Palm Free, Gluten-Free, Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Sustainable:
Organic Bamboo Silk
Organic Hexane-Free Castor Oil
Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Organic Kosher Glycerin
Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil ...

also made with distilled water, lye, sodium lactate, organic agave nectar, pure essential oils, organic rosemary oleoresin extract. Net 12 fl oz (355 ml). A complete list of ingredients is printed on every label (photos are representative only). NOT FOR PETS!

Labeled with a Vintage Ephemera Series by Star 9 Designs.

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Reviewed by Sherrin Ungren on Apr 30, 2019

“I just received my first bottle of Star 9 Citrus Patchouli body wash and love the scent and smoothness in my skin!!” (Sherrin, Facebook 4/30/19)

12 oz body wash
Reviewed by Mary. L. on Apr 22, 2019

“I am loving the Boheme body wash! The fragrance is the perfect blend of earthy patchouli and refreshing citrus. As an esthetician, I appreciate the clean and organic ingredients that leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated.” (Mary L., verified Facebook purchase 4/23/19)

12 oz body wash