Get Your Own Line of Skin, Home & Pet Care! (Digital Download + Personal Consultation)

Get Your Own Line of Skin, Home & Pet Care! (Digital Download + Personal Consultation)
  • private label products
  • products with custom label designs
  • wholesale products
  • scented and unscented products
  • private label products
  • products with custom label designs
  • wholesale products
  • scented and unscented products

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4. Read Through the Terms & Conditions PDF Download.

Feel Free to Contact Us Before Ordering with Questions!

This is an Example of What We Do: We Create Custom Skin Care, Pet Care or Home Care Products from Scratch; Then we Design, Print and Apply Custom Labels with Your Logo & Branding to the Packaging. We Ship the Products to You so That You can Sell to Your Retail Customers. You May Also Buy in Bulk and Package the Product Yourself, OR Print & Apply Your Own Labels to Our Blank Packaging.

Please access this link if you do not need products and you ONLY want us to design your Label or Logo:

Please keep in mind: Six different 8-oz sized products, 12 count each, will run $1,000 & Up (ship included), depending upon your chosen ingredients and packaging.

5 Star Retail Customer Review: “I recently purchased the Raspberry Vanilla Body Was[h] and Bar set from Star9Divine. I have to say that this product is AMAZING! The scent is fantastic, and the colors are as pictured in the photos. The soap itself leaves your skin feeling moisturized and nourished. There is also no after shower tightness in your skin, or that slime feeling some soaps leave. If you are looking for a fantastic artisan soap that makes your skin feel brand new then try out Star9Divine. Diana cares about her customers and making sure that the ingredients put into her skin care products are safe and soothing.” (9 Feb 2020 Cathleen Perkins, verified Etsy purchase)

Products are Available through 2 Programs:  Small Order Wholesale & Large Order Wholesale..

We’ll work with you to Create Your Very Own Proprietary Recipes & Unique Packaging!


Liquid Soaps (Body, Hand, Face, Baby, Aging, Specialty, Spa)
Bar Soaps (Body, Hand, Face, Baby, Aging, Specialty, Spa)
Glycerin Bar Soaps (Body, Hand, Face, Baby, Aging, Specialty, Spa)
Dish Soaps (Bar & Liquid)
Solid Shampoo Bars
Bath Bombs
Bath Melts / Bath Truffles**
Shower Steamers**
Whipped Body Butters**
Solid Body Butter Bars
(Lotion Bar, Travel Lotion)**
Salt Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Coffee Scrubs
Bath Salts
Scented Body Oils
Perfume Rollers
Body Sprays
Room Scent Sprays
Beard Oils
Whipped Beard Conditioners**
Solid Beard Conditioning Bars**
Hair Oils
Hair Butters**
Lip Butters**
Lip Balms**
Lip Glosses

Lip Sugar Scrubs
Skin Tightening Creams
(Face, Neck, Tummy, Thighs)
Facial Serums
Oil Cleansers
Clay Masks for Face & Body
Herbal Salves

Pure Fragrance Oils
Pure Essential Oils

Pet Shampoos
Pet Paw Salves
(regular & whipped**)
Solid Paw Salve Bars**

Surface Cleaning Solution
Floor Cleaning Solution
(hardwood, laminate, linoleum & tile)
Glass Cleaning Solution
Sanitizing Solution
(i.e., Hand Sanitizer)

Other (Custom Requests)

*Usually sold by the dozen in retail containers, but please do inquire about purchasing in bulk! Terms & Conditions, Pricing, and Products are subject to change at any time.
**Solid Butter Products cannot ship during hot, melting weather - please plan accordingly.

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Artwork by Star 9 Designs... We Specialize in Design with Vintage Appeal!

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Reviewed by Kristy Jensen on Jan 16, 2020

“D K BeachBum Properties has purchased Star 9 Divine Beauty & Bath products from 2017 for our many Oregon Coast short-term vacation and honeymoon rentals. Handcrafted to our specifications regarding scent & size, we have always received products above and beyond our expectations.

Adding special packaging and one-of-a-kind labeling has made the purchase of personal sized soaps a yearly necessity, as or guests just love them.” (Kristy Jensen, Owner of Huckleberry House Bed & Breakfast in Rockaway Beach, and Coastal Bungalow in Bay City, 16 Jan 2020)

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private label products
Reviewed by Brook Maurer Harvey on Feb 1, 2018

“I LOVE the lip balm that you make. The french vanilla has a slight scent, nice but not overpowering. My lips have been feeling dry and rough, but when I use this they feel so moist. Also, I don’t need to reapply often as they stay moist. thanks for a great product!” (Brook Maurer Harvey Facebook post, Feb 2018)

private label products
Reviewed by Stephanie Travis on Dec 1, 2017

“The pineapple lip butter is amazing, LOVE IT! It’s so much more than the junk you buy at the store! I feel like it actually moisturizes, instead of just making your skin ‘feel’ better, it actually IS better! is awesome, honestly. I have not ever found a lip balm that I like as much as this. It’s better than Burt’s Bees, 100% by far.” (Stephanie Travis, Facebook post, Dec 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Stephanie Rose Travis on Oct 19, 2017

“The Bombshell Bath Scrub is so amazing! I don't need moisturizer after using it and it leaves my skin so much softer. This is a MUST NEED item. I have had NO breakouts since I started using it, and I could not be happier with how it exfoliates without being abrasive. Good stuff, for real....Love it! ... It leaves my skin with a very nice, natural glow. I have gone without foundation for the first time in years.” (Stephanie Rose Travis, Facebook 19 Oct 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Sherrin Ungren on Oct 1, 2017

“These Star 9 products are amazing!! Sugar Baby Lemon Drop Body polish is to die for!! Leaves your face smooth and exfoliated, with a yummy lemon aroma!!! Wonderful products!! ” (Sherrin Ungren, Oct 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Brook Maurer Harvey on Jul 1, 2017

“Just tried your bath bomb. AMAZING!! So many thick rich bubbles and my skin felt silky soft afterwards! It is the bomb!” (Brook Maurer Harvey, Facebook Post July 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Beth C. on Jun 30, 2017

"I purchased the Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal Face and Body Detox Soap - Lavender, Vetiver & Sandalwood Scent and I LOVE it! ... You make fabulous soaps :) I'm enjoying them very much" (Beth C., Facebook Purchase, Jun 30, 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Brook M. on Feb 22, 2017

“These soaps are great. All natural ingredients, many different types of essential oils used AND they are beautiful. I always keep a couple in a basket on my bathroom counter just for decoration until I can't help myself and I use one. Then it's time to order more. Experiment. You can't go wrong." (Brook M., Local Purchase 22 Feb 2017)

private label products
Reviewed by Elizabeth W. on Sep 17, 2016

“Star 9 is divine!!! Can't wait to use all of the soaps I ordered! Already used Black Betty and it’s an amazing salt soap! I can't seem to add a pic of my order but would if I could!! Thanks so much…!!!” (Elizabeth W., Facebook post, 17 Sep 2016)

private label products
Reviewed by Belinda Christ on Feb 29, 2016

“Another perfect purchase! I love your soaps--the unique scents are enticing and the way it makes your skin feel is nothing short of divine!” (Belinda Christ, Facebook Purchase 2016 Feb 29)

private label products