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Recipe: Dual Lye 4 Oil Vegan Liquid Soap Tutorial

Recipe: Dual Lye 4 Oil Vegan Liquid Soap Tutorial
  • liquid soap recipe
  • dual lye liquid soap lather
  • bottled liquid soap
  • All Rights Reserved
  • liquid soap recipe
  • dual lye liquid soap lather
  • bottled liquid soap
  • All Rights Reserved

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Create Your Own Luxurious Body Wash & Hand Soap!

Save Months of Batch Testing Time & Wasted Ingredients!

Download Star 9 Divine’s Dual Lye 4 Oil Vegan Liquid Soap Tutorial with Recipe, Detailed Instructions & Photos.

Check our Listings for Liquid Soaps Ready to Use!

Our Dual Lye 4 Oil Recipe & Cold Process (CPLS) Method makes a Liquid Soap that’s
Thicker & More Luxurious than a Single Lye Soap
Palm Free
Mild & Extra Skin-Conditioning
Suitable for All Ages & Skin Types

Cold Process means No Cooking: you won’t slave for hours over a hot crock pot, or risk a burned soap volcano!

Save money and avoid commercial prices, harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients found in commercial products.

Photos & Videos are examples only.

This is how I make a living. I will continue formulating great recipes to share with you in support of your business or hobby. Please direct inquirers to my Shop if someone asks for the document or recipe details.

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Reviewed by Sherri VanGennep-Lintjer on Jun 23, 2020
"Dual lye cpls! I got this recipe from The tutorial and recipe were a huge help to me! Diana Gale was super supportive whenever I had a question arise. I feel so much more comfortable experimenting on my own now because the tutorial also taught me how to use soapee dual lye soap calc. #liquidsoappaste #cpls #star9divine #liquidsoap #liquidsoapmaking #lotsoflather #star9divine" (Sherri VanGennep-Lintjer on Instagram 24 June 2020)
liquid soap recipe