RECIPE & TUTORIAL – Castile Liquid Soap + Private Consultation

RECIPE & TUTORIAL – Castile Liquid Soap + Private Consultation
  • liquid soap recipe
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  • liquid soap recipe
  • mixing liquid soap
  • liquid soap lather
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The price of this Modern Castile Recipe with Detailed Tutorial comes with Personal Assistance! – up to 30 Minutes by phone, chat, email, or Facebook private messaging.

Download Star 9 Divine’s Cold Process Liquid Soap (CPLS) Recipe & Tutorial by Diana Gale and Make Your Own Hand Soap & Body Wash using our Unique Cold Process Method.

Our Method will make a Very Thick Luxurious Liquid Soap suitable for all ages & skin types. It’s
Mild, Moisturizing & Skin-Conditioning
Thick & Luxurious

COLD PROCESS means No Cooking Required: you won’t slave for hours over a hot crock pot, or risk a burned soap volcano!

Complicated thickening methods are not required.

Save money and avoid the harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients found in commercial products.

This is how I make a living. I will continue formulating great recipes to share with you in support of your business or hobby. Please direct inquirers to my Shop if someone asks for the document or recipe details.

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