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Sub: PACKAGING. Containers from all suppliers are in short supply, and some are impossible to find. Substitutions will be made where necessary, and some Listings have been updated to reflect necessary size changes. Wholesale buyers will be provided details for planning purposes.
Sub: SILK. Unable to source our usual organic bamboo silk, and having run out of our supply as of 19 Apr 2020... Silk will be left out of our Vegan formulas, and Tussah Silk will be substituted in our non-vegan. This change shouldn't affect the overall quality of your purchase.

(RESERVED Listing) Contact Us for Your Own Custom Order!

(RESERVED Listing) Contact Us for Your Own Custom Order!
star 9 divine luxury lotions

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CONTACT US FOR YOUR OWN CUSTOM LOTION ORDER! (see listings for availability)


Thank You Christine!  Your Custom Star 9 Divine Order is The Cat's Meow!

It’s All Copacetic, Baby! Orange-Vanilla Scented Lotion, 20 oz (two @ 8 oz, one @ 4 oz)

It’s The Berries! Raspberry Vanilla Scented Lotion, 20 oz (two @ 8 oz, one @ 4 oz)

Made with Star 9 Divine’s Exclusive Premium High Performance Luxury Formula used by U.S. Hospitals

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