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Soap, Choose a Scent - The Gold Digger High End Formula (60 oz Refill)

Soap, Choose a Scent - The Gold Digger High End Formula (60 oz Refill)
mojito scented body wash & hand soap

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What is Your Very Favorite Body Wash, Hand Soap or Shower Scent?
Choose Your Own with THE GOLD DIGGER – Star 9 Divine’s High End Formula Authentic & True Artisanal Skin Care™ Liquid Soap!


1. Choose a Scent from the List below.
2. Click “Add to Cart”
3. On the Order Page click “Checkout”
4. On the Checkout Page type the Name of Your Scent Choice under “Order Comments” & Comment if you prefer a Color-Free Soap.

PLEASE Message BEFORE ordering with your Scent Request (a scent that is not listed below). We will TRY to find it for you (no guarantee!)
Please Message before ordering if you have any questions.


The Decadent Age™ Premium Phthalate-free Fragrance – An Evocative & Sensory Experience…
1. Apple
2. Apple Cinnamon
3. Apple Rose
4. Black Pearl (Lush type)
5. Black Raspberry Vanilla
6. Cherry
7. Cinnamon
8. Cucumber Cantaloupe
9. Fruit Loops
10. Hibiscus Peach
11. Lavender & Vetiver
12. Mojito
13. View separate listings for Star 9 proprietary Nag Champa scent (Our Best Seller!)
14. Satsuma Citrus
15. Star 9 Secret Scent (a Smoky & Resinous Blend of Lavender, Lime, Chamomile, Sweet Berries & Myrrh)
16. Titanic Rose & Lemon
17. Wild Rose Garden

18. Scent Free (The Genuine Article™ All Natural if you choose color free)

19. Custom Blend of 2 Scents†

20. Scent Request (no guarantee)
† 1 custom blend per order

Handcrafted in small batches with the finest Ingredients, our soaps are always detergent free and will not dry out and damage your skin like many commercial products. Carefully Handcrafted to be Non-Drying, Conditioning & Suitable for All Skin Types, the Lovely, Gentle Cleansing Lather* contains no sls, parabens, detergents, or fillers.

The Gold Digger is PRESERVATIVE FREE & Features Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Palm Free, Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Sustainable Ingredients:

Organic Abyssinian Seed Oil
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
Organic Hexane-free Castor Oil
Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Tussah Silk...

water, lye, sodium lactate, sugar alcohol, +/- scent, +/- cosmetic color. Net wt. 60 oz (1701 g) stand up pouches sold with a non-decorative Ingredient label (photos are representative only). NOT FOR PETS!




If your scent choice is in stock, turnaround time to get your order out is usually 3-4 business days. USPS transit will vary depending on seasonal & other delays out of our control.

If your scent choice is NOT in stock, turnaround time to get your order in the mail may be 10+ business days. We will keep you informed of our progress!

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